Rigel Wallet
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Crypto Wallet!

List your token at Rigel Wallet,
Available for Android devices, 
Support any ERC-20 token!


Rigel Wallet

List your project at Rigel Wallet

- Send and receive your cryptocurrencies; 
- Supports any Erc-20 token; 
- Supports WalletConnect Protocol; 
- Custom transaction fees; 
- Push notification alert for your coins/tokens; 
- Version available for Android, soon iOS; 
- List your token at Rigel Wallet for 50$ in Rigel; 
- Light and Dark theme.

Download Android  iOS (Soon) 

Listing at Rigel Wallet

Requirements for listing projects: 

- Provide Erc-20 token address; 
- 100 Token holders as the minimum and 500 transfers. Airdrop doesn't count; 
- Website and social media of the project; 
- Pay the listing fee, 50$ in Rigel. 

Send your request to [email protected]


50$ in rigel


your information


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